Introduction :Sigma Laminar Flow Cabinets Provide the exacting conditions of air cleanliness now required for many processes in such fields as electronic manufacture, medical research, pharmaceutical processing particularly for inject able and vaccines, hospitals and food packaging. They allow work to be performed in an atmosphere free from dust particles and bacteria. SIGMA Laminar Flow Cabinets exceed the highest requirements of Standard Class 100 -where the level of contamination must not exceed 100 Particles of 0.5 microns, or larger, per cubic foot of air within the working area.

•Zero Bacteria count is assured in the working area, within a few minutes of switching on the Laminar Flow
• Low noise level operation and guaranteed leak-free filters.
• Fully tested prior to despatch and issued with test certificate zero bacteria
count in working area. * Easy maintenance (Low cost SIGMA Service contract available)
• Good operator access-sting or standing. Specifications

Air Flow:
90 ft. per minute, (0,45m/sec) -+15ft. /min. (0.8m/sec) over filter face Minimal variation means less turbulence & less contamination

Pre-filter: SIGMA dry fabric air filter Efficiency 98% down to 5 microns Testing standard: BSEN -779

Final Filter: SIGMA Absolute Air filter of Efficiency 99.97% down to 0.3 microns Contamination Level: U.S. Federal Standard 209 E Class 100 less than 100 particles per cu. ft. of 0.5 microns or larger. Nil particles larger than 5 microns, zero Bacterial count in work area

Noise Level:
Typical: Within range of 65 db. Fans Fully balanced, direct driven motor. Adequate capacity to cope with double initial filter pressure drop for maximum filter life.
Light Intensity / 900-1300 Lux at work surface.

Single – phase 220/250 Volt. 50 Hz prewired to junction box. Starting switch for motor Lighting switch.